Chapter III- Sheba (as told to)

…Me and Dewayne did something I had never done in any relationship prior to meeting him. We waited. And I was elated. Until the wedding night. After auditioning for the part and practicing the role, at curtain call on our wedding night he could not “perform” and begin to disclose things he should have told me at least a year and a half before this particular date, over coffee and bagels. Give me the opportunity to make a dramatic exit, customers gazing, coffee in tow. Instead I’m lying here stuck, married, stuck, confused, stuck, angry, stuck, stuck, stuck. How was I supposed to explain to my parents, family, and friends who had spent good money traveling – some of them crossing 10 states – to my wedding, thanks for coming if you wait a few hours you’ll make the annulment. I had never successfully practiced celibacy in a relationship and was excited about the prospect of doing it right, and even more excited about doing it right tonight. My West Indian temper was about to wreak havoc all over his East Coast temperament of nonchalance and seemingly cavalier attitude about his inability to rise for the occasion. God, how could I have been so blind. Unlike the men in my past he didn’t jump my bones on the first date, and he never got out of line sexually, come to think of it, he never crossed the line sexually. A perfect gentleman. Too gentle, but a man…

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Chapter III – Sheba (as told to)
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