Natasha Walker Jones presents

SEX and the SAINTS

As I travel and speak with people in churches, schools, and communities about the perils of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, issues ranging from abuse, sexual impropriety among the clergy, closet sexuality, and issues with pornography, all come up in conversation. I am amazed at how much people need to disclose about sexual issues, and how repressed the church is in general when it comes down to the discussion. After much prayer, this book of testimonies is being released, not exclusively as a tell all, but as a means of opening up the dialogue in the church about one of the most natural activities, created by God, and vital to procreation – sex! The church needs to encourage and facilitate open discussions about sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, sexual abuse, child abuse, and heterosexuality. 

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It’s the good news (gospel) modernized, but still spiritualized!



Hear Interviews with the Various Authors in the book Sex and the Saints

A hip, spiritually-based Internet talk show that explores controversial topics and issues as they relate to the church.
Talking To Tasha offers commentary on issues, ideas, and events of the day with frequent book reviews. Our guests are either experts, or just exciting! We give advice based on experience, listener opinions, and spiritual values. Talking to Tasha is the modernized, but spiritualized response for this generation!

Chapter Excerpts

Chapter I

CHAPTER I- SEVEN ELEVEN …My first year of college was off the chain and so were the men. My older sister told me the scoop

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Chapter II

CHAPTER II – A GIGOLO AND A GENTLEMAN …After losing all my commissary shooting dice in prison, I sat by the six telephones on the

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Chapter III

CHAPTER III – SHEBA (AS TOLD TO) …Me and Dewayne did something I had never done in any relationship prior to meeting him. We waited.

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Chapter IV

CHAPTER IV – RAINBOW …Don’t ever say never if you ever plan to never, eat your words. I was a never girl. Never leave home

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Chapter V

CHAPTER V – CROOKED MAN …I have spent a lot of time with Alex. The trip we planned for Miami fell through, so we spent

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