…My first year of college was off the chain and so were the men. My older sister told me the scoop on the yard. She said, “Ok, your 1st year lay back in the cut and be everybody’s friend. Don’t commit. Just have friends and be cool.” I tried, but every flavor was represented and my taste buds had been opened early for more than one flavor at a time.  

The Canadian boys were rich, fine, corny, and whores. The East Coast men had the doe, the cars, clothes, and the swagger. The southern men, like me, could play the male-belle role so that was no fun and the West Coast dudes – in my opinion just needed to date and mate the west Coast chicks . Trust, they were a different breed. But it was the tongue of an Islander, sweet like Melrose, bitter like Goldenseal no chaser, that hooked me in like a gullible, guppy fish. The Islanders were big pretenders, broke, and non-dressing with accents that melted the…

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