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​As I travel and speak with people in churches, schools, and communities about the perils of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, issues ranging from abuse, sexual impropriety among the clergy, closet sexuality, and issues with pornography, all come up in conversation. I am amazed at how much people need to disclose about sexual issues, and how repressed the church is in general when it comes down to the discussion. After much prayer, this book of testimonies is being released, not exclusively as a tell all, but as a means of opening up the dialogue in the church about one of the most natural activities, created by God, and vital to procreation – sex! The church needs to encourage and facilitate open discussions about sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, sexual abuse, child abuse, and heterosexuality. 

Sex And The Saints© is a compilation book of stories, about people in the church who struggle with issues related to sexuality. With no limitations except those put on by the Holy Spirit, we labored to bring you a book that honestly, but tastefully, exposes the things we do in the closet. From betrayal in marriage, to adultery between the porch and the altar, Sex And The Saints does not intend to spare. The Bible says they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. Through the cathartic process of writing, some of the various authors have claimed renewal and victory over the sins that so easily beset them. Many experienced abuse in the form of incest, rape, and molestation, but were able to push past the pain to regain what the enemy stole from them. Others talk of their continued struggles against sin in the flesh. Wherever you are in your personal experience, this is a book of healing and insight. Sex And The Saints will encourage and uplift you in a manner that is stimulating and entertaining, but appropriate for the body of Christ to read. While we anticipate controversy, we also declare victory in the name of Jesus! May God bless you, and prepare your hearts for the book release, but most importantly, prepare our hearts to meet him in peace.

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