Chapter I

CHAPTER I- SEVEN ELEVEN …My first year of college was off the chain and so were the men. My older sister told me the scoop on the yard. She said, “Ok, your 1st year lay back in the cut and be everybody’s friend. Don’t commit. Just have friends and be cool.” I tried, but every […]

Chapter V

CHAPTER V – CROOKED MAN …I have spent a lot of time with Alex. The trip we planned for Miami fell through, so we spent most of the day, Friday chillin and getting to know each other better. I made up my mind when I first met him not to sweat him, to give him […]

Chapter IV

CHAPTER IV – RAINBOW …Don’t ever say never if you ever plan to never, eat your words. I was a never girl. Never leave home without makeup, Never leave home without my hair done. Never let em’ see you sweat and never, never, kiss and tell. Yet here I am. Pride and never are friends. […]

Chapter III

CHAPTER III – SHEBA (AS TOLD TO) …Me and Dewayne did something I had never done in any relationship prior to meeting him. We waited. And I was elated. Until the wedding night. After auditioning for the part and practicing the role, at curtain call on our wedding night he could not “perform” and begin […]

Chapter II

CHAPTER II – A GIGOLO AND A GENTLEMAN …After losing all my commissary shooting dice in prison, I sat by the six telephones on the wall in our dorm of one hundred and fifty inmates contemplating life and all its obstacles. I grew up Church Of God In Christ (COGIC), but as soon as I […]